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Heating & A/C Services for Builders

Uptown Heating & Air Conditioning, we contribute to new construction projects along with professional Contractors/Builders, while at the same time utilizing the industry standard to guarantee the future homeowners with supreme comfort.

Residential Heating & A/C Services

Uptown Heating & Air Conditioning is an institution that supplies heating and air conditioning services with nothing but the highest quality and most superior products to ensure that the customer is fully satisfied. We offer our impeccable services to those within Houston and surrounding areas.

Commercial Heating & A/C Services

Uptown Heating & Air conditioning is currently one of the top leaders in commercial A/C installations within all of Houston and surrounding areas. Both our heating and cooling products fit practically every application and requirement necessary for any establishment within the exponentially growing commercial industry.

Houston Heating & A/C Services

Uptown Heating & Air conditioning is a company that provides an exceptional AC and heating solutions to homes and businesses throughout well-trained technicians that counts with the professional experience to do any job right! We strive to improve and exceed the expectation of our community by extend our relationship beyond the selling transaction like many other companies, our main goal is 100% satisfaction to our clientele by delivering exceptional services and air conditioning and heating solutions to your home and business!

Uptown Heating and Air Conditioning Leading Solutions

Our customers turn to us to install, upgrade, improve health conditions, increase home’s energy efficiency, and to maintain innovative solutions. These solutions include: 24/7 Service, Free air conditioning system inspection, We help to choose the best air conditioning system according with customer’s budget, home’s condition, actual air quality, system efficiency, climate, customer’s health condition, and new government regulations; we can say that every customer experience is unique. We handle various makes and models. We provide same-day-service. We provide Competitive rates and different Financing options to all customers. Uptown Heating & Air Conditioning help customers to feel comfortable in their homes and businesses, we count with the expertise and necessary resources to serve our community in the best possible way!!!



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