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AC Replacement

Uptown Heating and Air Conditioning we do not believe in installing poor quality equipment or practicing “planned obsolescence.” There are some companies out there who will complete the job with the absolute lowest material and labor costs so that they can enjoy the highest profit possible. We are not one of them. We will only sell you high quality, long lasting parts and they will be installed in the most professional manner. We want your repeat business legitimately, not because a product we sold you had a short life. It is important to us that our customers give positive recommendations about our company to other potential customers. In order for that to happen, we take care to deliver to our customers the products and experience that they deserve. Although we service all brands, we are especially proud to be a Trane Dealer.

Old AC System Maybe it’s not as old as fosil, but if it’s past its time, it could be eating you for lunch with high energy bills.

When is a furnace, air conditioner or heat pump past its time? How old is too old?

Appliance Magazine published a report of the life expectancy one could expect for a range of appliances, including central heating and air conditioning equipment. The life expectancy is determined from past experience and sales data. The average life of an appliance isn’t the age the appliance wears out and dies, though some do. It is also not the age when you should replace. Some would argue that many homeowners wait too long to replace their heating and air conditioning system. The average life expectancy represents the average number of years before most homeowners purchase a replacement. The estimates, based on input from manufacturers, industry trade associations, government statistics, and a variety of other sources is 10 – 15 years.

When you exceed the minimum life expectancy, you can feel good about the service you have received from your system. You have gotten good use out of your furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump. However, if you wait too long to replace your system, you risk paying more in utilities and repair costs than you will spend on the equipment itself. It’s usually less expensive in the long run to replace earlier instead of later. In the end, you still must replace your equipment. Wait and you will pay a premium for energy usage and repairs.

Heating & Air Conditioning Life Expectancy in Years

Contact our factory-trained technicians today to help you determine if a new air conditioning and/or heating system is right for you! We are available to answer any questions that you may have regarding your HVAC system. We offer a free in-home consultation and make sure to check our current promotions for money saving options.


AC REPAIR, REPLACEMENT HOUSTON TEXAS, KATY TEXAS To help you learn more about making the best choice for your home, we have listed some key factors that affect heating and cooling efficiency. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY MEASUREMENTS AND STANDARDS In 1992, the Department of Energy set up a system to measure efficiency and established efficiency standards… Continue Reading


AC REPAIR, REPLACEMENT KATY TEXAS, HOUSTON TEXAS When shopping for a new HVAC system you should consider three main things: COMFORT, QUALITY, VALUE Comfort is subjective so it is very important to ensure your new system will allow you to “choose your climate”. When looking at quality choose a brand with a reputation for performance,… Continue Reading

Air Conditioning Replacement frequent questions

What Criteria should I use in selecting an HVAC system Interview as many local contractors as you can, and ask them to come to your home to perform a system inspection and give you a quotation. To narrow down you pool of potential contractors, use the following per-qualifications: See if the company has been in… Continue Reading

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We offer a variety of services from routine service calls and repairs to preventative maintenance to keep your system running at peak efficiency. Whether you require emergency service for a system breakdown, a whole-home indoor air quality inspection, or other type of service, you can count on us to respond quickly to your needs. Our… Continue Reading

air conditioning company houston HVAC Maintenance and energy savings Houston

HVAC Maintenance and energy savings Houston Maintaining properly running HVAC systems at peak efficiency is crucial in managing and saving energy use. Good HVAC system maintenance is important in controlling energy use but also for the proper operation of the systems. For instance, most of the telecommunications systems require specific environmental conditions for proper operation.… Continue Reading

air conditioning service houston Seasonal guide to Air Conditioner Maintenance Houston

Seasonal guide to Air Conditioner Maintenance Houston Air Conditioner systems, eventually start to fall apart. One of the primary responsibilities of a homeowner or landlord is to ensure that their family or tenants are able to dwell comfortably in the building all year long, and that means keeping them cool in the summer and warm… Continue Reading

Air Conditioning Repair Houston

Air Conditioning Repair Houston Not running at all. Before calling for this problem, there are a few things you can check. First, confirm that the thermostat is set to “Cool” and the temperature is set correctly. Then, locate your main fuse panel, and determine if the fuse or circuit breaker has been blown or tripped.… Continue Reading

Ac repair Houston A/C Repair Conroe TX

A/C Repair Conroe TX Uptown Heating & Air Conditioning technicians at Conroe Tx are available to take care of all your A/C repair and service problems. One of our A/C experts can pinpoint your air conditioning problem and provide you with a solution. For Conroe TX A/C repair, contact Uptown Heating & Air Conditioning. Conroe’s… Continue Reading

air conditioner repair houston

aire acondicionado central Houston TX Living in Houston offers a great many opportunities for both recreation and business right near the Gulf Coast. But, it’s great location also means that air conditioners are a requirement in the hot Texas summers. Uptown Heating & Air Conditioning and heating repair technicians are some of the best in the… Continue Reading

Residential Heating and Air Conditioning Services

Uptown Heating and Air Conditioning is an institution that supplies heating and air conditioning services with nothing but the highest quality and most superior products to ensure that the customer is fully satisfied. We offer our impeccable services to those within Houston and surrounding areas.

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Uptown Heating & Air conditioning is a company that provides an exceptional Air Conditioning and Heating solutions to homes throughout well-trained technicians that counts with the professional experience to do any job right! We strive to improve and exceed the expectation of our community by extend our relationship beyond the selling transaction like many other companies, our main goal is 100% satisfaction to our clientele by delivering exceptional services and air conditioning and heating solutions to your home! also we only use the best quality products and always Inspect your home after the installation to make sure your system is installed the correct way


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