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Schedule the HVAC repairs or maintenance services as soon as possible

When it comes to making sure your home HVAC is running smoothly and safely, scheduling repairs or maintenance services as soon as possible is essential. Taking the time to make sure your Air conditioning and Heating gets checked out by a professional should be seen as an investment in quality, not an expensive hassle. Not only will it help ensure any potential problems are addressed before they turn into more serious and costly issues, but regular checkups can help keep your A/C and Heating running at its peak performance. So make sure to add getting HVAC Tune Ups to the top of your list—you’ll be happy you did.

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Schedule an appointment for a tune-up and inspection

If you’re looking to get the most out of your Home Air Conditioning and Heating System, scheduling an appointment for a tune-up and inspection can be immensely beneficial. A certified technician will check everything from the fluids in your system to hardware and other worn items, making sure each part is in good working condition. This means you’ll have peace of mind knowing that any potential issues are seen before they become bigger problems, keeping you and HVAC system safe and clean. Plus, proper maintenance helps increase your Home A/C system reliability, extends its life expectancy, and often improves performance and save you money on usage. So don’t hesitate; to schedule that appointment today!

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Find a reputable HVAC contractor in your area

When it comes to finding a reputable HVAC contractor in your area, look no further than Uptown Heating and Air Conditioning in your community! Ask friends and family for recommendations, research customer reviews for vendors you’re considering, and make sure any contractor you choose is licensed and insured. Looking at recent projects can also be extremely helpful when making your decision – highly experienced professionals will often have a portfolio they can share. Doing this extra work upfront is worth it; having reliable heating and cooling systems that are expertly maintained by a professional team can save you money in the long run.

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HVAC maintenance and repair near me

Looking for reliable HVAC maintenance and repair services near you? Look no further than the trusted experts at Uptown Heating and Air Conditioning. We have years of experience servicing all types of HVAC systems, and we’re always here to help keep your home or business comfortable. Whether you need a routine check-up or emergency repair, we’ll be there to get the job done right. Contact us today or Book online to schedule a service or estimate appointment!

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The Benefits of Professional Air Conditioning Repair Services

When the summer months come around, we all know that the temperatures can really soar and your home’s air conditioning system is going to get a lot of use. To ensure that it’s running optimally, it’s best to hire a professional air conditioning repair service near you. Doing so will provide multiple benefits for both your comfort and your AC unit. Let’s dive into why it is always worth investing in quality air conditioning repair services.

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air conditioning company houston HVAC Maintenance and energy savings Houston

HVAC Maintenance and energy savings Houston

Maintaining properly running HVAC systems at peak efficiency is crucial in managing and saving energy use. Good HVAC system maintenance is important in controlling energy use but also for the proper operation of the systems. For instance, most of the telecommunications systems require specific environmental conditions for proper operation. At times, temperature and humidity levels fall outside the specified range, leading to costly system failures and interruption in services. Therefore, proper HVAC system maintenance is key to the running of most businesses.

Proper care of your Air Conditioner and heating system includes seeing into it that air conditioning maintenance is performed. This means not just doing some maintenance tasks yourself, but having a certified professional come check out it once in a while.

Air Conditioner with and air conditioning company in Houston

If you reside in a warm environment, you probably couldn’t cope with the temperature without your trusty HVAC. Maintenance should include checking the refrigerant levels. The system should be cleaned, and the components responsible for blowing the air adjusted as necessary. An undercharged system may also drain efficiency from the machine, which increases the monthly electric expenses.

Heating system

As an essential part of your HVAC system, consider maintaining it for the best performance. This depends on how your furnace works. It could mean looking at your gas levels as well as pressure, making sure your heat exchanger is working right and seeing to it that all the necessary components are operating smoothly. Cleaning out the furnace can also slow up the impact of puff back. Change the filter frequently. Dust and dirt get caught within the filter, and it may impede airflow if left this way. You can change the filter after a period of six months or clean it on a monthly basis.


The main purpose of HVAC is to provide thermal comfort and favorable indoor air quality. The HVAC economizer offers some saving features to save energy.

1. Economizer provides fresh air in exchange for using less energy to run the air conditioner.

2. Economizer enables people to opt for free cooling early.

3. Economizer provides a means of limiting fan run time.

4. It offers you fresh air automatically or when you want it.

5. It increases the life of AC compressor.

6. The system can run with or without conditioner compressor call.

7. The system provides attic relief that improves comfort and reduces cooling cost.

8. The system does not need any user interaction. One button override provides the option to get free cooling or fresh air beyond automatic operation.

9. It will work in conjunction with your existing HVAC system.

air conditioning service houston Seasonal guide to Air Conditioner Maintenance Houston

Seasonal guide to Air Conditioner Maintenance Houston

Air Conditioner systems, eventually start to fall apart. One of the primary responsibilities of a homeowner or landlord is to ensure that their family or tenants are able to dwell comfortably in the building all year long, and that means keeping them cool in the summer and warm all winter long.

The unfortunate truth is that Air Conditioner repair and maintenance requires special expertise and equipment that most people just don’t have. That is why we have Uptown Heating & Air Conditioner repair specialists.

The real trick to saving yourself some money and getting a prompt appointment with Uptown Heating & Air Conditioner services is to know when to make the call. If you wait until your system has already broken, at the height of the warm or cold seasons, it could take days or weeks to get an appointment and cost you an arm and a leg once they get there. This seasonal guide will give you some tips on when to call the repairmen to keep your Air Conditioner system running smooth and tight all year long.

Spring, air conditioning service Houston

The middle of spring is a good time to call an Uptown Heating & Air Conditioner repair specialist to have them take a look at and perform some preventative maintenance on your air conditioning system. You won’t have to wait forever for them to come by. Wait times during the height of summer, on the other hand, can be ridiculous, since everyone who didn’t do their yearly maintenance is sweating and panicking, and a maintenance check will be cheaper than having a broken unit repaired. They will likely replace or clean filters, lube your motor, and check balance your refrigerant levels. These simple actions can prevent most of the major causes of HVAC failure.


Summer is to Air Conditioner repair as December is to retail stores. Hopefully you performed your preventative maintenance in the springtime to head off the most common causes of air conditioner break down. If you find that your AC still stops working to your satisfaction, try some tricks before calling for help, you will be waiting a while anyway. If you Air Conditioner is running but not quite up to snuff, check your thermostat, change your filters, and remove any dust and debris from in and around the unit. Air conditioning units also have a tendency to “freeze up” on especially hot days when they are running their hardest. Sometimes just turning off the Air Conditioner for a few hours allows them to return to a functioning operational temperature.


As summer comes to a close and the temperature starts to drop, now is the time have an Air Conditioner specialist come out and inspect your furnace and heating system. The same principle applies here to heating as it did to cooling: beat the rush and try to prevent problems before they start. Furnaces, like any machine, require regular tune-ups. It is also a good time to make sure you have a stock of furnace filters, they usually go on sale at stores around this time of year making it all the easier.


There are few things more uncomfortable, or more dangerous, than a home with no source of heat in the wintertime. Even after you have had your preventative maintenance, problems can still arise.

Luckily, many of the most common causes of heating loss are easily remedied without calling in the repairman. Check to make sure the thermostat is working correctly. You may also want to go check to make sure the pilot light is still on. If the heat is working but not adequately, make sure you change your filter and that all your floor registers are open to ensure circulation.

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